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Project Ignite!STEAM

Q ) How do I get support for the 3D CNC Router?

A ) Online support is available 24 x 7 at http://www.teclausa.com/ignitesteam-support and additional service support agreements can be purchased to include phone help desk and extended maintenance

Q ) How do I get warranty support for 3D CNC Router?

A ) 90 Days of warranty included with purchase with option to register online for no additional charge for full 1 year warranty; option to purchase 2nd year warranty coverage for $250/yr or add 2nd and 3rd year warranty coverage for $400.

Q ) Can you share examples of grant templates for purchasing 3D CNC Router for STEAM, STEM, Robotics, and Vocational education?

A ) Yes, CLICK HERE so that we can email you the grant template examples. (Coming Soon)

Q ) Why Tecla Innovations for Ignite! STEAM for your best in class 3D CNC Router?

A ) 125 Year Family Business with the founder working with Henry Ford and Thomas Edison and other leading innovators of the time including implement first AM radio station and ship to shore radio system bought by the new AT&T company.

A ) Several decades of CAD, CAM and industrial CNC Router operations and maintenance

A ) Experts at using Autodesk CAD and CAM and modeling software that they have made fully supported and integrated with the Ignite! STEAM 3D CNC Router

A ) Leaders have 40 years of experience support student STEM and robotics education with providing leading education for over 400 students with high % choosing engineering, science, technical, or vocational school and degree paths

A ) 3D Printers provide great value for STEAM / STEM education, and now Tecla Innovation has made the same CAD and CAM software work with 3D CNC Router and make the ability to do more parts faster and with larger sized and for less cost.

Q ) What is difference between rental and purchase of 3D CNC Router?

A ) Rental include use of 3D CNC Router, an amount of raw material, phone help desk, and full machine support

A ) Purchase included 3D CNC Router with warranty and online support

Q ) How do I get ideas for student projects or example CAD parts?

A ) Ignite! STEAM provides community opportunity to help each other and share example projects at: Dropbox or OneDrive or other approaches

Q ) Do you have examples of class STEAM & STEM syllabus?

A ) Yes, CLICK HERE so we can email you class syllabus examples.

Q ) My school's firewall is denying my access to autoDesk and other related website.

A )We have ran into this issue before and it's a quick fix. All that is needed is to whitelist our related website which you can find HERE

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