Hidden Seat Bracket

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Imagine storing the seat in a wall then pulling the seat up and out for comfortable seating.  This space saver eliminates clumsy fold down legs.  It also lets you use the area behind the seat for storage so it's a double space saver.  Use it for single or bench seating.  Also see our fold-up transom seat.

In the stowed position the bracket folds into only a 3" wide area.  In the folded out seated position the locking link helps support the weight of the seat so that support legs are not necessary.  This also allows the area behind the seat to be used as storage.  It fits into a 21" high wall area and the seat folds out to 15" above the floor.

Marine grade materials: Powder coated aluminum and stainless steel rivets, and hardware.  Load tested to over a 1,400 lb. static loads.  American Boat & Yacht Council's H-31 Seat Structures Standard requires that a seat withstand a 450 lb. load at each seated position.